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Your clients deserve cost-effective, thorough representation; some tasks are more appropriate for an experienced investigator. We can complete these tasks for you. You will get the facts and proper documentation. Without a complete investigation, your case and your client will suffer.

Study after study shows that time management is key to a successful business. Your schedule is paramount to your profitability. We can work with you to get the job done, done right and in a timely manner, and, at the same time, allowing you to do what you do best. Handling tasks yourself that can be performed by an investigator, takes you away from more profitable activities. Delegating some chores frees you up to increase your caseload without increasing time spent.

Can you testify in your own case? Of course not. An investigator can conduct witness interviews, obtain statements, procure documents, photograph and collect evidence, and write a professional report that will enhance your position at trial. He or she has experience testifying in court. Inappropriate handling of these aspects of your case will result in evidence being excluded; your credibility with the court, your peers and your client would be compromised.

As a seasoned attorney, you have handled many cases and can offer your client an expert opinion based on that experience.
A seasoned investigator has vast experience reviewing and investigating cases, and also, a unique insight into human nature. He or she can offer a perspective different from your own. That additional perspective may strengthen your case, identify weaknesses and eliminate surprises.

Why you may need investigative services:

  • Clients deserve cost-effective, thorough representation

  • Some tasks are more appropriate for investigators

  • Busy schedules can make necessary legwork difficult

  • Attorneys cannot be witnesses in their own cases

  • A different perspective can be helpful

What may happen without investigative services:

  • Your case and your client may suffer if you ignore any
    aspects of the case

  • Time management is difficult; your case and client may
    be vulnerable

  • Evidence may be excluded; your credibility may suffer

  • You may be caught off guard by unpleasant surprises

What Boudreau Investigations offers attorneys:

  • Completed investigative tasks; you get all the facts and
    proper documentation

  • Work with you to accommodate your schedule

  • Conduct interviews, obtain statements, procure documents

  • Photograph and collect evidence

  • Review documents, analyze information, offer suggestions
    and insight

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